The PHP Gnome Service


In 1984 I bought my first synthesizers and started experimenting. Other items such as effects equipment and tape decks were soon added. More experiments followed.
And so the PHP Gnome Service whas born.

PHP Gnome Service in 1985: 
Edward Smith Roland SH 101 and System 100, Korg MS 20, MS 50 and SQ 10, two Akai tape decks and a Roland TR 808. 
Uwe Nitsche Yamaha CS-80 and Roland SH 101 


Piet Bakker Korg Poly 800 and Guitar 

Piet Evertsen (RIP) Clarinet and Sax 

Frans Brobbel Pots and Pans 

Wim Pop Guitar. 

Nowadays I do my music making solo with Ableton Live 9. I juse USB/Midi Controlers by Novation,  Launch Control XL, Launchkey Mini and Launchpad Mini.

On this website I try to give a glimpse into my music world.

This is how it Started....

And this is how it is now.