The PHP Gnome Service


In 1984 I bought my first synthesizers and started experimenting. Other items such as effects equipment and tape decks were soon added. More experiments followed.

PHP Gnome Service in 1985: 
Edward Smith Roland SH 101 and System 100, Korg MS 20, MS 50 and SQ 10, two Akai tape decks and a Roland TR 808. 
Uwe Nitsche Yamaha CS-80 and Roland SH 101 


Piet Bakker Korg Poly 800 and Guitar 

Piet Evertsen (RIP) Clarinet and Sax 

Frans Brobbel Pots and Pans 

Wim Pop Guitar. 

Nowadays I do my music making solo with Ableton Live 9. I juse USB/Midi Controlers by Novation,  Launch Control XL, Launchkey Mini and Launchpad Mini.

On this website I try to give a glimpse into my music world.

This is how it Started....

And this is how it is now.