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Aboud Me

Hi I'm Edward.

In the seventies and eighties I developed a musical preference for space rock and electronic music. In 1984 this resulted in the purchase of synthesizers (Korg MS-20 and MS-50) and all kinds of  effects equipment  such as: Reverb and Delay.  In a room on my flat I built a studio. With this I started messing around and experimenting.

After a break of, about, 25 years, I bought Ableton Live 9, this is a program for the computer.
I juse USB/Midi Controlers by Novation,  Launch Control XL, Launchkey Mini and Launchpad Mini. With this I now make and produce my music. I make CDs of it and I put this music on Sound Cloud.

On this website I share some of these CDs and some photos. I also put some songs from the beginning (1985).